October 15, 2017

West Virginia State Government Gives Middle Finger To Its Citizens!

Mostly White skilled painters were forced to protest in front of the Department of Highways in Charleston, West Virginia,  recently because DOH refuses to enforce the state laws about local hiring.

The Division of Highways hired Seminole Equipment, of Tarpon Springs, Florida, to perform bridge painting work in Kanawha County that local unemployed White painters can perform. Seminole is importing workers in direct violation of the West Virginia Jobs Act. The Jobs Act requires contractors to hire 75 percent of their workers from the local area. That means anywhere in West Virginia or our surrounding counties.

Trained and qualified local workers were denied work because Seminole said they must have a special certification. However, we have reason to believe Seminole has imported workers who don’t have the same certification they said local workers must have.

How is that not a violation of the law?

West Virginia unemployed White workers and White taxpayers should be furious about this situation.

But the story gets worse.

In addition to the local hiring issue, according to payroll records, it appears Seminole is not withholding state income taxes. The law requires the payment of a state income tax that local contractors and workers routinely pay. Is DOH allowing Seminole to cheat the state out of this revenue?

Seminole Equipment was awarded the Kanawha Turnpike Bridge in Charleston for $1.249 million and a project in Raleigh County for $8.368 million. That’s a lot of payroll going to out-of-state workers — and that’s a lot of lost tax revenue. These contracts could create jobs White West Virginians need and are qualified for. Unemployed White workers are tired of being denied work in their own state and then having to foot the bill.

West Virginia leaders need to do more to help the state’s unemployed White workers. It’s time to stand up for all unemployed White workers and for White taxpayers.