July 22, 2017

Bad Moonshine Is A World Wide Problem!

There's an old saying among White West Virginians, "Don't drink bad moonshine or it will make you go blind". It's true! White West Virginians know what bad moonshine is from good moonshine.  The rest of the non-White world isn't so bright and are dieing because of it. Alcohol genocide is going on with non-White countries and for a change White people can't be blamed for it.

After nearly a hundred non-Whites were killed in 2015 drinking bootleg liquor in Mumbai, it's hard not to wonder when the problem of poisonous booze will end.


This is hardly the first time that India has seen a bonafide massacre as a result of illegal moonshine operations. In 2011, 168 people were killed and hundreds more were hospitalized by drinking poisoned bootleg liquor in West Bengal, and the 2008 Karnataka - Tamil Nadu hooch tragedy was responsible for more than 150—possibly as many as 180—deaths in total.

But in many parts of the world, moonshine—unregulated alcohol distilled under questionable conditions—isn't just a novelty of hill-dwelling culture: It's a widely consumed beverage that subs in for vodka, whiskey, gin, or wine, in areas where money is scarce and brand-name drinks are too pricey for much of the population. 

Also in 2015,  the Nigerian government banned the sale of illegally made gin known as Ogogoro, also called kparaga or Kai-Kai, after 56 people died in the Rivers state and Ondo states due to methanol poisoning from the drink.

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