March 06, 2015

West Virginia Has No Tolerance For Animal Cruelty! Other States Cracking Down Too!

IN MARCH 2015:

A West Virginia dog breeder pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty in a Hancock County Circuit Court.

In a plea agreement, Elizabeth Tustin can not be employed at any animal facility, and is barred from owning any pets except for the two cats she now has for the next five years.

In November, the Hancock County Sheriff's Department and Animal Control seized 82 livedogs and four deceased dogs from the Destiny Havanese Kennel in Weirton for neglect. The dogs had been living in filthy conditions and needed immediate veterinary care. Tustin told authorities she had fallen on hard times. One of the surviving dogs had to be euthanized.

The website of Destiny Havanese guaranteed the health of the dogs for one year.

Tustin must also pay $35,000 in restitution for the care of the dogs and will be on probation for the next five years.

Tustin faced a maximum of 40 years in jail.

A fireman in North Texas for the Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty in the shooting deaths of two dogs. Tim Conatser, 47, of Royse City, voluntarily surrendered and was remanded to the Hunt County jail Wednesday morning. His bail was set at $5,000.

Last week a disturbing photo of two dead dogs circulated on social media from Conatser's Facebook page.

A Fayetteville, North Carolina man was arrested and charged with beating his 10-week-old puppy to death in 2014 because he was angry at his friend.

James Strickland, 34, was arrested at a halfway house by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office and has been charged with felony cruelty to animals. He is being held in the Cumberland County Jail in lieu of a $10,000 secured bond.

Authorities were called to Strickland's residence on Washington Drive last May after witnesses reporting seeing Strickland beat his puppy to death on the sidewalk. 

A Fulton, New York man faces multiple charges of animal cruelty for allegedly having sexual intercourse with his nine-year-old pit bull.

Authorities arrested Brian L. Howard, Sr., of 611 Erie St on February 12, and on February 19, Howard was charged with two misdemeanors of sexual misconduct. over-driving, torturing and injuring animals, and having an unlicensed dog.

The police report states Howard's actions were injurious to the welfare of the dog.

Howard was arrested and booked into the Oswego County Jail. He has since bailed out.

The dog has been removed from his possession; no updated information on the dog's condition is available.

MY OPINION: It has been my experience that usually in White neighborhoods you will see animals running freely around and being left alone. In non-White neighborhoods there is a well-known practice of animal cruelty essentially in black and asian areas.

National Socialism takes a strong stance on animal cruelty and does not condone it in any form.

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