July 20, 2014


White people in West Virginia are becoming disgusted by the rising corruption in their state and the failure of democracy involving illegal, immoral, and ethical wrong activities by elected officials, law enforcement and public employees.

  • The former sheriff of Barbour County was sentenced to prison for scheming to defraud an insurance company.
  • The former judge of Mingo County was sentenced to 50 years in prison for federal corruption charges.
  • A Bridgeport mayor was indicted on federal drug charges.
  • A school bus driver in Fayette County was charged with sexual abuse of an underage female who rode his bus.
  • A grand jury indicted the mayor of Westover on a felony count of unlawful printing, possession and/or delivery of ballots and one misdemeanor count of circulating written material advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate.
  • A former worker at the federal prison Camp in Alderson has pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact with a female federal inmate and faces up to two years in prison.
MY THOUGHTS: Democracy has failed and is failing in West Virginia and other states as well. It's time to get back to a proper form of government advocated by the White Founding Fathers called A REPUBLIC. A Republic is a government of leaders that are elected and are of good character who accept responsibility unlike under democracy where no one is responsible and all blame goes to the voter who elected the corrupt elected official.

July 11, 2014

Songs of Appalachia: Watch Wade Darnell play his banjo

MY THOUGHTS:  Mr. Darnell is not connected to the American Nazi Party; but, is an inspiration and continues the way of Appalachian music. Yes, White people do have a culture in America. I'd rather see White teenagers pick up a banjo than a liquor bottle or crack pipe or porno magazine which are spiritual poison to a Race.