June 14, 2014

A High Suicide Rate For White West Virginians!

Even though this chart map is nearly ten years old it still reflects a problem with a high suicide rate!

By looking at the chart you can see that the states in white like: California, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Ohio have the lowest suicide rate while the darker states like West Virginia, Oregon, New Mexico, and Nevada, have the highest suicide rate in the country. Latest studies show conflicting information. For example, bad weather and cold winters may be a contributing factor to the higher suicide rate of Oregon, but wouldn’t that apply to Washington as well? Yet Washington has a much lower suicide rate. Portland, OR, has on average 30 days of more sunshine than Seattle yet has a MUCH higher suicide rate. The U.S. city with the highest suicide rate?? Las Vegas, NV. 

White men are almost four times more likely to take their lives than White women. The higher suicide rate among White people and men reflects their greater wealth and freedom, just as the lower rate among women and people of color reflects their limited social choices. 

MY THOUGHTS: Maybe White people have a higher suicide rate because they are heavily outnumbered on this planet by non-Whites and have to put up with the crap of the non-White Races, including Jews.

In a U.S. city by city comparison data shows that the happier and wealthier the city the higher the suicide rate for White people: (rates are per 100,000 inhabitants) City Data from the National Association of County and City Health Officials
  1. Las Vegas, NV – 34.5
  2. Colorado Springs, CO – 26.1
  3. Tucson, AZ – 25
  4. Sacramento, CA  22.7
  5. Albuquerque, NM 21
  6. Mesa, AZ 19.6
  7. Miami, FL 17.1
  8. Denver, CO 16.2
  9. Portland, OR 15.2
  10. Jacksonville, FL 15
MY THOUGHTS: This will change soon as the upper and  White middle class become broke and non-White crime increases.

Life under pro-Zionist Capitalism leads to this for White people!