November 22, 2014

West Virginia Cracking Down On School Truancy! Is It The Right Solution?

Truancy of White juveniles is a big problem in West Virginia; about one in five students had five or more unexcused absences according to the Department of Education. But the efforts also spurred an influx of truancy cases that overwhelmed the Department of Health and Human Resources. When a judge decides a truant student is a status offender, case workers can try to provide in-home services for the family before further action is taken. If the case can’t be resolved quickly enough, there’s more of a chance that the youth will be placed out of home. That’s how “status offenders” can end up in far-away facilities that resemble those reserved for young people who commit serious crimes, despite federal law that mandates otherwise.

The increase in juvenile commitments has its price. It costs $83,000 per year to incarcerate a minor in a West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services facility (reserved for adjudicated youth convicted of serious violent offenses) and $105,000 to house a youth in less severe Department of Health and Human Resources-contracted facilities, according to data compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union.  West Virginia spends yearly an estimated $31 million to confine youth, plus $25 million in out-of-state placements.

Moats is a former prosecutor who has been a state circuit judge since 1996. He ran uncontested in his last election in 2008. Moats told the West Virginia Record  that he began his anti-truancy and dropout program after seeing many of the same people appear before him in criminal cases who had previously been in the courtroom for truancy.

MY OPINION: This is an issue like a two-edged sword. If the child stays in school then they get a good ole race-mixing brainwashing. If they are truant then they get into trouble with the law which could destroy their lives. This is an example of a no-win situation with the present-System and only a new SYSTEM based on a new IDEA with a new WAY OF THINKING can break this vicious cycle. All it takes is for White people to want change and become active. Throwing money at a problem isn't the solution either.

Is this the solution under the present degenerate System?

Perhaps if White students attended an all-White school with more interesting subjects they would make a better effort to attend school and learn?